Sunday, December 8


Wow, been a year I've not drop in anything here. Probably it already been ignore by me with such busy work life. I couldn't believe that I've actually started working and it's been a year plus. just past so fast and time flies just like water flow. With such busy life probably get us forget what we have actually used to do and wanted to do. 

Looking back the past post in this blog really brought back lots of memories especially with the love one. But even so, things did not become better, the relationship did not disclose. I really do feel bad to him, as the time we been together for so long and appreciated him with the inclusive heart on me. Every time when sis asked about us, whether can we make it up, I don't know how to answer and i am not sure what i suppose to do regarding on this matter. As long as Mom is still around, she will not agree to accept him as my bf. Sigh.....Speechless

Monday, July 2


从year 3到现在extend







Sunday, May 1



Saturday, April 23


finals is coming..and is just next week,but somehow i dun have the mood to study,because there's no accompany?or my heart is not here..when everyone is not free and not around..i understand that i shouldn't be back here so early..and should stay longer,so i dun need to stay here alone..but i know myself even im alone i need push n force myself to touch the book, i stay wih baby longer i can totally throw all of it behind..!!It sound im escaping but im when im at baby hse..a place where i can totally left everything behind..doing nothin,relaxing while lying on bed..sleep as much as i can without any bother..therefore, i choose to come back..atleast i can face the true..i still need to sit for finals..

YEE SOOK YAN,dun think so much..get the mood and go study..this is what u need n should do now..

Wednesday, April 13



Monday, October 18


This sem break,did not been too out dated on catching movies..from the day back till now catch up few movies..not much just 2-3 2 movies with baby,1 is devil at 1u together with baby,hui wen,Yvonne and her 2 another frens..then another was the chen zhen only watch with the bram mall..!!Then, the movie the hole is with mq, chin yee and chris at pyramid..pirahna watch as dvd with all cousins..had another movie detective dee with sis and km..and 2 cousin

Monday, October 11

3rd year anniversary~10.10.10

Past 2 days did not end up happily with baby on phone..i thought of cancel the date with him,but some how is our,just move on..then, ask sis to bring me out so I can hang out with baby for our day..!!Km (sis’s bf) came to pick us up around 11 something,then headed to ss2 italian restaurant for brunch..while waiting for baby to pick me the same time,I took some food as they ordered..!!

After baby reached, then he head to papa rich where nearby his house for lunch..through out eating and in the car we did not talk..till when back to his house for some rest,then only started talking..and back to normal with him..i know how much he love me and mean a lot to him as well..i really know and feel it too..ya=D,We wanted to have some rest but unfortunately we couldn’t..just because of me..keep on kacau-ing him,bully him and sayang him as well..haha^^

*baby, I know you don’t mind want rite?hehe…love u so much

Then, alarm rang once at 3pm..then drag n drag and about 3.30 plus..then we finally move out butt out and went to the mines..!!this is the first time baby going shopping look for jeans that mum complaining to sis that 1 of my I decided to look for jeans..went shop by shop,and finally found 1 but got problem with tat stupid pocket,then went some other places but I just think not worth for the price..go to the highest floor to look for phone,baby wane get himself another phone after his w580i KO adi..and he bought Samsung champ..a nice cute phone..

Thought of continue walking but need to meet sis at 9.30..scared to enough time to have out steamboat for dinner..therefore, went steamboat..only continue walking at jusco..had a great dinner with baby..the steamboat is nice..=)


Then,went jusco for another around shopping..but end up I still dint get myself anything..and baby got himself a least at the end is still worth..have a great day..not forge to say happy anniversary my baby..muak..>3